02. Juli 2018

Press Release – waveguide group

First Introducton of the „newwave“ product line


newwave® KTP/YAG - newwave® ALEX/YAG - newwave® KTP – newwave® ALEX – newwave® YAG

High performance laser system for best clinical and aesthetic treatments.

With the "newwave®" product line waveguide sets a new milestone in the field of dermatological-aesthetic laser treatments. 

These in-house developments from waveguide are the result of decades of company experience in high-tech medical laser application and are based primarily on the current and future expectations of customers. 

Thanks to this know-how, waveguide has succeeded in creating lasers in the highest class of performance, which are also designed for daily use and hence offer very interesting economical aspects. 

In addition, waveguide has succeeded in equipping the newwave® laser series, which already has a wide spectrum of indication variety, with attributes that make these systems unique in their class. 

A prime example are the "newwave® KTP / YAG" combination device and the "newwave® KTP" single wavelength system, which feature an impressive range of indications for these wavelengths, which did not exist until now. 

These two aforementioned laser systems include not only the already known indications of these wavelengths, but also a KTP cutting mode for surgical therapies, an ablative mode, and even a fractional working mode for pigmented lesions. 

And this with a device performance that is likely to lead the premium segment. 

It is clear to see how this variety of treatment options has led to a massive increase in economic profitability. 

For all lasers in the "newwave®" class, of course, in addition to the achieved power, there is hardware and software equipment that meets and even exceeds current requirements of future customers.




March 2017

Lasermarket "wave2guide"


Waveguide is constantly working to further expand its service. Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to present you another element in this development:



This platform allows you to offer your used laser to other practices and doctors or to get in contact with the owner of a used device. From colleagues for colleagues!